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Rising Innovator in the East Coast Hospitality and Retail Experience

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40 Years of Experience
40 Real Estate Investments

We seek success through our supportive leadership and guidance. No one party, be it fellow associate, valued customer, or financial stakeholder, is neglected. Eclat ensures that our fellow associates receive continuous support and targeted training to exceed industry standards. Our methodology and commitment guarantees that customers receive the best experience possible when visiting Eclat's properties, establishing a loyal customer base

Raj & Yogi Khatiwala


Dedication, Determination, Discipline

Eclat’s mission is to raise the standard of experience and excellence for the East Coast Hospitality and Retail industries. We aim to break through underrepresented markets through innovative development and modernizing infrastructure. Destination determined by experience, accessible to all communities.


Family First

Eclat is driven by family values. It was founded with the belief that a corporate culture of loyalty, compassion, and dedication is essential to producing enduring investments and profitable business models. Clients, staff, and associates are considered family, and their interests and investments are represented to that highest standard.


Dual Division Strategy

Eclat focuses on innovation in two sectors. The first, the Investment Group, aims at closing on new investments based on value-added acquisitions, developments, and redevelopments. The second, the Management Services, aims to make premier hospitality properties that maximize their profit potential by increasing their efficiency and productivity.